Lash Care

As your natural lashes grow in a replenishing cycle, your extensions will gradually fall out when your natural lashes shed – the average person will shed 2-5 natural lashes per eye, per day. This constant process is inevitable, but by following these aftercare instructions, your beautiful new lashes can last longer, maximizing the length of time required in between infill appointments.

Avoid contact with water or steam for the first 24 hours after treatment – this step is not essential, but can help as you become used to your new lashes. 

Avoid oil-based products on your new lashes or around the eye area. Always use OIL FREE makeup removers for taking off makeup or a soft microfibre cleansing cloth. Keep eye serums and creams to your orbital bone outwards.

Avoid close contact with open flames or ovens, as extreme heat can cause the lashes to melt, twist, singe or come loose.

Avoid sleeping on your face, do not tug or pull your new lashes.

If your lashes are wet after a shower or swim, dry gently by blinking onto a tissue., followed by a cool fan or hair dryer to remove any excess moisture.

Mascara is optional but not recommended, especially with Volume Lashes. Only NON-waterproof mascara can be used on top of new lashes, remove the mascara gently with OIL-FREE eye makeup removers or your microfibre cleansing cloth.

Washing your lashes with a foam wash is HIGHLY recommended to keep your eyes and lashes clean and healthy. You are able to purchase this from us at any time.

 Please contact us immediately if you experience any discomfort 

To maintain your lashes, infills are recommended every 2 to 4 weeks to ensure your lashes are looking full and amazing. During the infill, any old/loose extensions will be removed and replaced with new ones. 

If you do not wish to get them touched up, your lashes will fall out gradually as your natural lashes shed. We also offer safe removals should you require it, please do not attempt to pull your extensions off, as this will impact on the health of your natural lashes.