Classic Lash Extensions

This is the application of one single extension to each natural lash, increasing the length, thickness, and curl to your natural lashes. 

This look is great if you are looking for a little more fullness and length to your lashes, but still like a natural look.

Clients with a good set of natural lashes are suited well to classic lashes. If you have sparse or very fine natural eyelashes this look may not be the best option for you, but for more options, check out our Volume Lash sets.

Full Classic Lashes $140

Classic Rebalance (1h) $95 | Classic Rebalance (1.15h) $120


champagne classic Lash Extensions

If you are new to extensions & a little unsure on where to start, this is a great option!

Created using cashmere ellipse flat lash extensions, this set offers a darker fuller lash line and long lasting extensions – it is suitable for almost everybody.

champagne classic Lashes $170

Champagne Classic Rebalance (1h) $110 | Champagne Classic Rebalance (1.15h) $135


Light Volume Lash Extensions

This set is beautiful and one of the most popular!

Volume fans are hand created (using 2-3 fine extensions) and applied seamlessly to your natural lash – giving you up to 3x more volume. These extensions are so lightweight, soft and fluffy you will fall in love!

This set can be made to look natural, dramatic or anywhere in between using different styling techniques – it’s completely up to you.

Light Volume Lashes $170

Light Volume Rebalance (1h) $110 | Light Volume Rebalance (1.15h) $135 | Light Volume Rebalance (1.5h) $165


Full Volume Lash Extensions

Looking for something more? This is it!

This gorgeous lash set is created using handmade volume fans. They consist of 4-8 fine extensions per fan and are applied seamlessly to your natural lash – giving your lashes a whole new lease on life. These extensions are so fine, that they can safely be applied to create extra volume (as well as length & curl) but still remain very light so they do not weigh down the natural lash. These lashes, like all sets, are fully customised to you.

Full Volume Lashes $22o

Full Volume Rebalance (1h) $110 | Full Volume Rebalance (1.15h) $135 | Full Volume Rebalance (1.5h) $165


Please note: Lash extensions are not suitable for everyone, if you have any question regarding this treatment please contact us prior to booking.

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